100 innovative recipes for artful ice and drinks - make ice the star of your cocktail.


While travelling as a DJ, Leslie Kirchhoff fell in love with the art of craft cocktails, but noticed one thing was missing: inventive ice. Taking it upon herself to create something truly unique, she started Disco Cubes as a passion project to explore the art of ice. Now, you can bring Disco Cubes into your home, with over 100 recipes for cubes and cocktails, plus 7 epic playlists to bring this multi sensory experience to life.


Take your home bartending to the next level with recipes like:

∙ Rose Cubes in a White Negroni

∙ Jalapeño ice for an evolving margarita

∙ A Golden (Bloody) Mary that shifts from sweet to savoury as the ice melts

∙ The Walter Gibbons with a Red Onion Raft

∙ White peach spheres for a cool take on a classic Bellini


So power up your sound system and call some friends. Welcome to the world of Disco Cube Cocktails.


Disco Cube Cocktails