Created and hand poured with love by Emma from Emma Daisy Yoga.


'Manifest' candle comes with a citrine crystal, which is charged with Reiki to assist the process of your manifestations becoming a reality.


Fragrance: Dreamy lavender soothes and clears the mind, while vibrant Verbena illuminates creativity. Patchouli quietly sits, harmonising the duality of mind and body. The aroma creates a sacred space to dream and manifest your heart's desires.


These candles have been created with the idea of bringing ritual, reverence and magic into your daily life. When you light it, you illuminate your intentions. When you focus on intention, you release a message, and fire your wishes out into the universe in the form of energy. You may choose to use you candle to compliment a yoga or meditation practice, or perhaps you simply ignite with your morning cuppa! 


Made with vegan soy wax and 100% pure essential oils.

Manifest Candle - Vegan & Hand-Poured