Gorgeous pillow sprays made from natural ingredients and pure luxury!


Available in 5 different scents for 5 different uses:


Settle Down Pillow Spray - Lavender essential oil

De-Stress Pillow Spray - Jasmine + Rosemary essential oil

Happiness Pillow Spray - Cranberry + Lemon essential oil

Stuffed Up Pillow Spray - Eucalyptus essential oil

Sweet Dreams - Citrus + Ylang Ylang essential oil



1. Shake well before use

2. Spray with 12" distance 1-2 times over linens before bed


Can also be used to deodorise shoes, socks, yoga mat, or as a luxurious bathroom spray.


Not tested on animals, vegan, natural product, pure essential oil!


Ingredients: water, witch hazel, grain alcohol, polysorbate 20, fragrance, lavender/rosemary/ylang ylang/eucalyptus/citrus limon/cananga odorata essential oil

Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray