60 simple practices to de-stress and recharge wherever you work.


Restore a sense of well-being at work with this deck of 60 engaging exercises that easy to do anytime, anywhere. Colour-coded cards are organised into three categories:


∙ Refresh: Take a mental break to decompress and find inspiration you seek

∙ Flow: Prioritise physical movement during the workday through stretching, meditation, and breathing

∙ Connect: Focus on meaningful work relationships to develop your professional network


Keep this on your desk or in your bag, and draw a card to use as a weekly intention, a midday mindfulness break, or an icebreaker at a team meeting. With ideas for improving productivity, communication, resiliency, and more, The Work Wellness Deck will guide you to a healthier, happier 9 to 5 – no matter where you work.



Laura Eliopoulos is a San Francisco-based leadership coach and UCLA-certified mindfulness facilitator. She is the founder of Mindful HR.

The Work Wellness Deck